Thoughts on The Everrain?

Hit or miss. Endure the Stars was a rocky ride, complete with a 1.0 paid, public beta and an arguably poorly handled 1.5 update campaign. Village Attacks was better across the board, but still suffered from the logistical challenges that 2 guys at a kitchen table run into when trying to produce a big miniatures game from their kitchen table after their day jobs. Everrain, once again looking sharp on aesthetics, but really hard to say on mechanics.

Production quality is generally fine. Panda produced minis on the lower end of the scale, like Middara 1.0. So the larger pieces are pretty good but the smaller characters are quite poor.

Can't really enthusiastically recommend. They're still taking late pledges 4 months after their estimated delivery date, and as proven in other campaigns their communication isn't necessarily a thing that can always be trusted. Like Succubus Publishing, I put Grimlord at medium to high risk, with a longer than usual wait time.

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