Thoughts on ISFJs and ISTJs separately or together?

I had a boss I'd type as ISFJ and I really wanted to punch her most of the time. It was a nonprofit gig, and she was so into her cause that her personal and professional identities got waaaay tangled up in it, as if she didn't really exist apart from it. She openly neglected her own family and virtually never took a vacation. And she expected similar levels of unhealthy commitment out of her staff.

She really resisted any kind of rational discussion about the subject; she'd decided what the solution to her cause was and took any critique kind of ...personally. It was simultaneously all about the cause AND all about her. To glorify one was to glorify the other. To question one was to question the other. It was really all kinds of fucked up.

She had zero compunction about cutting corners or manipulating people to further her ends, either. One of the most ends-justifies-means people I've ever met, actually, and yet... altruistic.

She left the organization before I did, much to my surprise, and by then things were really, really tense between us. I didn't respect her as a boss at all. Still, I don't think she's a bad person. I would never, ever work for her again though. I would rather dumpster dive.

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