Thoughts on the job market and what I have been going through

You have a few problems.

Pre COVID-19, many companies were slowing hiring of recruiters, marketing, etc (except for those where it was their lifeblood). This is because it's pretty standard to have a recession every decade and most folks figured we'd have one within 14 months of the Nov 2020 election. Obviously the incumbent party always tries to pull various levers to have a recession post election and it looked like in this case the GOP would manage to pull it off. But it was generally accepted it was still happening, so you had a general cooling. Also the Vision Fund imploding had a bit of chilling effect on the hyper growth mindset in general.

Second, just to be blunt, if you worked in Dubai, you have to really prove yourself in the interview. Those various oil emirates are the masters of making a billion dollars selling oil, going out to invest that billion dollars, and turning it into 700 million dollars or some stupid status they can't afford to maintain longterm. The business/marketing types over there are not taken very seriously. You also mention you're from a new school with no reputation, that doesn't help.

My other question would be how specialized you were. Companies tend not to want people with little to know experience in the American market because they want folks who can get up to speed and contribute quickly.

Now post COVID-19 the recession was arrived early, a ton of marketing folks went in Wave 1 of the layoffs, and there is a pool of experienced talent on the market.

You need to expand your search to be national. There generally isn't a shortage of decent-ish business types, really there is a glut after the Wave 1 layoffs, so you probably need to pay your dues at some regional entity and then move back to SF. The realistic odds are some time at a big, soul crushing firm that will at least let you have credibility with your regard to function in North American markets.

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