Thoughts on playing an ironman instead of a main.

All you need to know about the ironman game mode is that I was GENUINELY EXCITED to see a mithril axe drop from a slayer monster. When I unlocked an amulet of power from a lucky clue casket I felt a rush that I never felt on a main, even when I got a multi-million GP drop from a wildly boss. And it’s like that for everything. Get a Ruby drop from a iron ore rock? That’s not “just some gp” that’s “Awesome! Another ring of forging to save me 70 iron ore on my smithing grind”. Grabbing your first full set of rune armor is a TRIUMPH as an iron. Grabbing your first rune set on the main probably happened because of a drop party or you spent half an hour making money via a processing method at the GE.

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