Thoughts on Razer Phone 2 after a couple weeks. A review.

The day I bought it I intended to install Pie from OTA and immediately factory reset to skip any post-update issues, but I was working very shortly after and the OTA download was taking forever. I decided to hell with it and didn't do it. While nothing too harrowing plagued my experience, I have found occasional touch screen unresponsiveness, and my battery being really 2013-ish, if you know that I mean. (2 and a half hours of screen on time with only 30% battery, sheesh.) In fairness, I do keep it at 120hz at all times, but seeing as I'm not actually gaming on my phone, I feel that Chrome, Reddit, Messenger, Spotify, G-Mail and a few other basic every day apps shouldn't be trampling my battery stamina, so this evening I finally backed up and factory reset it. I'm going to give it some time and let Adaptive Battery do it's thing and hope for the best. It's not always as bad as I described, some days are better than others, but after getting that today I knew it was finally time to reset it and give this phone it's best chance.

THanks man. I'm having battery issue with my new RP2 (updated to Pi) and the SOT is only 1.5hrs......

I'll try a factory reset tonight. :)

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