Thoughts on the suburbs

How do you know the situation is that rare? It’s just not as concentrated. There’s plenty of kids from there who are way worse off than I was. You suggest the suburbs is all nice when there’s shit hole places people have to live in there too. Also saying “there’s no reason to do your ting”. It seems like you have this weird perception that poverty doesn’t exist outside of Toronto. It’s just not as concentrated in one spot. Also I think a lot of kids from immigrant parents coming up in the struggle take for granted how amazing of a job their parents do. I’ve seen a lot of parents in that life instilling good values and doing a great job showing genuine love and support along with firm discipline. A lot of the parents in the suburbs don’t teach their kids shit and have almost no bond or loyalty with them. At the end of the day we all have a choice and it’s nobody’s right to judge what leads people to their choices. At the end of the day the fake ones will get exposed regardless so who gives a fuck about them. You got phonies from the hood too who claim a life they’ve never lived.

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