Thoughts? Worried that this will amplify conservatives.

Of course it will, unfortunately the only recourse is to fight back against their disgusting vile narrative.

These sick anti-LGBTQ+ freaks really want to claim they have zero accountability here. They engage in stochastic terrorism and doxxing of LGBTQ+ daily, and cover their actions by never explicitly saying they want to “kill” us. Instead they say “we’re pedophiles”, and that “we shouldn’t stand for this”, and “we have to fight back”. It’s literally coded language designed to give them plausible deniability for any correlation. White supremacist groups have openly admitted they use coded language and phrases for this exact reason.

Then after all their stochastic terrorism, when some raving lunatic believes them they go out and commit these disgusting acts of violence against my community. And when we call them out on it, they gaslight TF out of us and throw up every excuse in the book to turn the conversation around and say its “not their fault”, and also to suggest we bring it upon ourselves simply for existing.

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