Thousands of non-citizens registered to vote in California

Right in the article it explains how this new batch of errors was catch because a Canadian was improperly registered to vote, and contacted the LA Times. This problem with the DMV and automatic registration is much larger than you know. Those 23,000 "co-mingled" records are just the ones that they are admitting to, but that is actually a much smaller problem than the audit rigging Logan and Vu set up statewide. Both Logan and Vu were recruited by the same person - Conny McCormick - who brought them to California, with raises, after they were credibly accused of vote rigging in different parts of the country in 2004. Logan and Vu may have different political party preferences, but they both have shown a willingness to "do what it takes" . As just one example, why would Logan give a $300 million dollar contract to Smartmatic, who is known globally for vote rigging and is currently under indictment by the DOJ in the Philippines? And why would Vu push AB 840, to gut California's post election audit? You seem to have some familiarity with these characters - watch them closely. Scrutinize their decisions. Ask yourself, would you trust these decisions if they weren't already in a position of authority? Use your critical thinking skills and I am confident you can see the problems too.

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