Thousands stage anti-CAA protests across US, demand Trump administration to impose sanction against Amit Shah

Here is an account from the San Francisco protest and photos

So a protest was organized in San Francisco outside the Indian Consulate on 26th January against CAA,NRC and NPR. More than 400 people showed up but to our surprise the consulate was ready for protestors. They had made a small area with barricades around their building and hosted 25-30 people with pro-CAA placards. The people who were called by the consulate were highly abusive and provocative. The placards they were holding had words like ch**tiya, pigs, calling us terrorists etc. They were also given a sound system to undermine our voices. It just broke my heart to see that these consulate people stooped to such low level.

These people would occasionally come out and enter anti CAA protestors and shouted Jai Shree Ram and hurled slurs at muslim people, called everyone Pakistani and went back to consulate premises.

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