Thousands of women are throwing a guy a dance party after he was body shamed

Well, the way that you're behaving is pretty disgusting in my opinion.

Do you know why you say the things you do about fat people? It's because you can. You have a deep desire to unload your own dissatisfaction with life by hating, shaming, and otherwise degrading any group you're socially allowed to, and fat people are one such group at the moment. You don't have any interest in their health whatsoever; your only interest is in building yourself up by tearing others down whenever you can.

People wear their weight differently, and a lot of people that look fat are a hell of a lot healthier than the overly skinny people who you probably idolize. Having noticeable, excess fat is generally not a sign of good health once it reaches a certain point, but the same can be said of not having enough fat. I'm sure you don't go around shaming overly skinny people and whining about how everyone's enabling them, so why is it that you hate on one of these groups but not the other? Go ahead and give it some thought. Do you go around shaming people for not eating healthy, well sure but only if they're also fat looking because that grosses you out, right?

Where is your derision and shaming for the countless ~130 lb guys I know who have diets that consist of microwave burritos, pizza, and a continual flow of soda, and who sit on their asses in front of a computer all day? Oh, it's okay for them because they're not fat, right?

I'm not enabling everyone. I hope that people recognize their level of personal health and take steps to be as healthy as they are willing to work to be. I just can't stand all the hypocrisy and selective shaming of fat people when they are far from the only unhealthy people out there yet nobody feels compelled to dictate to all of these other groups how they should live their lives.

By the way, I'm not interested in hearing your denials about how you care equally about all of these groups because a cursory look through your post history shows that that's simply not true. I know why you hate and shame fat people, but you clearly don't.

And you say I haven't proven otherwise, well you've provided literally no proof at all. I provided a study at least. If you'd like to provide one study, any study, that supports your argument that fat people cost the healthcare system more money then I'd love to read it; but we both know that the evidence doesn't support your argument.

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