THQ Nordic has established a new studio in Barcelona, Spain. The team has developed a playable prototype for a potential Gothic remake, which will be distributed to Steam players of any released Piranha Bytes game soon.

Reading this thread and realizing why so many developers refuse to release prototypes.

They're a perfect way to quickly throw in things to see if they work or not. All these design decisions are just on the drawing board and can be changed at any time. None of this is permanent and there's a possibility that nothing in this prototype will make into the final game, right down to the assets.

And yet, I'm seeing complaints that they can't skip the cutscenes, there's too many, that the voice acting and dialogue isn't good, or the graphics and visuals are ugly. There's even more complaints about things like UI, balance issues and design. One demonstration that only took under a month of coding and the Steam forums are proclaiming that it's over and nothing can be done. Except everything can be changed, it will be changed, and the developers are begging for you to tell them what you want changed.

This is far too much doom and gloom for a game that won't even be considered for development for another few months, and years before it's even released. If you think pacing, combat, and UI elements can't be changed, I'd recommend looking into prototypes and betas of popular titles. You'd be surprised.

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