thread about the online depression community being been infiltrated by alt-right recruiters to groom and indoctrinate them into reactionary cults

It saddens me that Alt righters have latched on to Jordan Peterson. I've been following him for years and love his allusions to Joseph Campbell, Nietzsche, etc. His lecture series on personality (as part of a psychology course) was excellent and I think he speaks to people who feel lost/powerless/afraid of the world more than he "speaks" to Alt Righters. I just think there is a lot of overlap between those groups. I see the alt right as American ISIS. Sweep up impressionable youths with a vacuum of meaning and group attachment/identity in their lives and give them an avenue for both while simultaneously espousing an "us vs. the world" mentality that insulates them from considering other sources of information that might conflict with what their new overlords want them to think.

I'm sure there are organizations/movements on the left that you could make similar arguments about but I don't feel they are as powerful. There is a reason 4chan and the alt right have found themselves natural bedfellows

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