thread about Sweden's Center Party endorsing a ban on circumcision

The irony of a group who thinks no one has a right to protest the violation of babies because it violates their freedom to violate the bodies of babies. We've heard it before. "You can't take away my right to take away someone else's rights."

It takes an extraordinary special requirement commanded by God to convince parents that it's something they should do. It is meant to be an exclusive covenant to be followed as a sign of submission by a select minority. Why does it surprise them to find that those who do not worship their deity find the practice irrational and delusional?

With that said, any ban should include an exemption for religious circumcision. That means no hospital procedures. It can only be performed in a religious ceremony with the attendant rituals. When fewer boys are subjected to this archaic practice, maybe there will be reform from within the faith, but that's the only way things will change.

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