In a thread about unmasking the secret meta-reddit cabal, an r/conspiracy user thinks it's all just another Zionist sham. But is he an inside agent himself?

DISCLOSURE: A delving into my personal history...

I have been fighting SJWs for over 15 years at this point and I have been targeted by them constantly:

  • I grew up in fuck awful circumstances and was told time and time again that my white skin nullifies everything that happened to me (Even the scars on my face)
  • My mother was a horrific human being, but feminist narrative always targeted me when I pointed it out
  • SJWs have DDoS my webpage back in the late 1990s
  • SJWs robbed my recording studio back when I ran one
  • SJWs tried to use racial divisions to kick my daughter and her mother out of her housing situation
  • SJWs turned a blind eye when my daughter was repeatedly the victim of politically-instigated racial violence
  • SJWs doxxed me in two separate occasions in an attempt to get me fired from programming contracts.

I have a very detailed and effective history of going mercilessly after SJWs and their sympathizers, which means I have said and done things that, when discovered, will make it EXTREMELY damaging to GamerGate. I come preloaded with enemies. Lots of them. Some wealthy ones, too.

The guy that convinced /pol/ to pretend to be black feminists for #solidarityIsForWhiteWomen? Yeah, that was my doing.

I am deeply biased to the point of cruelty because of everything they have done to me and my loved ones. I spend most of my participation time here barely containing my hatred enough so as not to sound like a complete blood-thirsty psychopath with an irrational hatred of all things social justice. My hatred isn't irrational. It's very rational, but it's very bad for public image.

I'm terrible for discussing tactics in a public forum where my identity is known because, when engaging with SJWs, I have learned to leave absolutely no stone unturned. They delve into reason only after having been exposed to a sustainable and absolute defeat. That kind of training has made me very intense and willing to pay any cost to crush them, which understandably, turns people off. I'm much better at the Henry Kissinger persona. I've been working a long time at building public awareness of how abusive these beasts are, and I dare not get in the way of my own works. :(

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