The threat level of terrorism around the world in one map

From the article, which you clearly didn't read because you decided to rely solely on your cognitive biases:

The Risk Advisory Group, a leading, independent global risk management consultancy, have provided indy100 with up to date terrorism threat levels for countries around the world, as calculated by their Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS).

The SIAS levels are probabilistic assessments of hostile activity by terrorists, defining terrorism as an act or threat of violence that is politically, religiously or ideologically motivated.

The levels assess the intent and capabilities of terrorist groups and individuals based on known and stated intentions, analysis of their ideologies, goals, strategy and past activities.

They also take into account actors’ intensity of intent and levels of commitment, as well as the probable intended magnitude, gravity and imminence of hostile action.

If you have a problem with those agencies and their analysis, please, feel free to criticize. But you aren't contributing anything by announcing your gut instincts.

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