Three Commanders, One Wall

Daltan scratched his beard as he listened in silence to his comrades. Baelor favored action - that was good. He was taking his first day as Lord-Commander seriously. And Locke was as confident and eager to be doing as ever - the man rarely led from behind. Still, Daltan worried about the man's mission - his eagerness to do the dangerous tasks himself had nearly been his demise too many times.

When there was a lull in the conversation, Daltan spoke.

"Rick, you're one of the best rangers we've ever had. Your skill is not in question. But I worry if we should lose you to this mission. Still, the decision is yours.

"As for the other matters," he continued, "I recieved word earlier today. I discussed the finding of Yondel's cloak with Old Pea - he's eager to find the man, and I'm inclined to agree. I can mobilize men from the Tower to ride out and investigate. I'll lead the investigation - I meant to lead the hunt for this rumored giant anyway. If possible, I'll parlay with the creature; else I'll put it down. But I agree, Lord-Commander, that the news of Yondel and the giant might be related."

He took a deep breath and pondered his next words before continuing. "One other matter I would mention is that I intend to send three rangers to investigate the land of Thenn. I say we need to know if they, too, are mobilizing, and the Lord-Commander -" he gestured at Sunglass - "agreed when I spoke with him. I'm placing my new Ranger-Captain, Maric Mertyns, in charge of this mission. He's a capable ranger, and it will be a good chance to put his talents to better use.

"Now, for the First Ranger... I think either Peasebury or Stark are a good fit. Both have years of service under their belt, and both are skilled.

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