Three-quarters of sniffer dog drug detections found to be false

I was at the receiving end of a 'positive detection' at Field Day a couple of years back. I wasn't holding anything.

Firstly, the dog handler pulls me over to the side:

'Our dogs have given a positive identification that you have drugs on you. Do you have any drugs?'

No I don't.

Wait here.

He makes me stand there like a fucking criminal while hoards of people walk past. To them, I am just another festival pillhead caught in the act. I have no idea if anyone I know passed by and saw me like that. After maybe 60 seconds, a big angry looking sorta-plainclothed officer with sunglasses turns up.

Listen here, the dogs have made a positive identification. They don't like OK? Now where are the drugs?

I don't have any. I don't do drugs.

Look there's not point lying. Empty your pockets.

People continue to pass by as I stand there in festival clothing emptying my pockets for two police officers and their dog. They tell me go with them but my girlfriend can't follow. The second officer kinda pushes me in the back to indicate I am to walk in front of him. He get's kinda pissed that my hands fall down to my sides, near my pockets, and yells at me. I turn around but he yells at me again to face forward and keep walking. I have no idea where my girlfriend is and she has no idea where I'm going or what will happen to me. The entire time I am constantly berated.

You can't lie to us buddy. The dogs don't lie. Just give em up.

We reach a small carpack (5-6 spaces) that the police seem to have set up as some kinda basecamp. He tells me there are no available tents so he will have to do the search behind this truck. That's right, my search is going to be conducted behind a fucking truck. I ask him to see his ID and he obliges. He checks my shoes, wallet, pockets, pats me down and asks me to take off my belt and basically let him look down the front and back of my shorts. The entire time I am made to feel like a piece of shit until suddenly...

Where you from mate you sound English?

He is suddenly my best mate, big smiles and real chatty. He tells me to put all my clothes back on and takes my photo ID out of my wallet and gets his phone out to take a photo.

This is for our records.

I don't want you to do that, can I decline?

Nope. Sorry.

What the fuck can I do, I let him do it. He escorts me back to the crowds and just lets me go. I call my rather distressed girlfriend and meet her inside. Moments later a friend of ours walks passed and I tell him about the experience.

Haha really? Dude I have a bag of pills in my pocket (to sell) and I just walked right in.

Good fucking job NSW Police. Good fucking job.

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