She threw Away my Mod/Atomizer/juice/Batteries/Charger because she refuses to understand that vaping != smoking cigarettes :(

I'm sorry you were hurt by someone after you tried to help them. I'm sure that stung after you went to so much work to try to help your friend, not once, but twice. I can understand why you would want to throw in the towel at this point and not help another addict. It is incredibly difficult loving an addict. I'm not gonna shit on you because you've been burned and don't want to get burned again, that's a completely valid response. I'll say something that has proven true in my life time and time again and in the lives of other addicts I know/have known - an addict has to want to quit for themselves in order for them quitting to actually stick and work. And even then, the rate of relapse is 91% so even if they truly want to quit sometimes that time just isn't the right time yet. You can want so badly for someone to quit, you can throw out ultimatums, or force someone in to rehab, but the only way someone quitting using will work is if they REALLY AND TRULY want to do it themselves. I'm sorry that it wasn't the right time for your friend and I hope he gets to that time soon.

Also, I want to tell you I am so incredibly grateful that you will help someone ODing with narcan to make sure they live. That's a great thing you would do and I hope you never have to but I am so glad to know you would. I have saved people using narcan 10-15 times (I've lost count at this point). It is always worth it. It is always worth it. Thank you man.

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