through California with a camper, April 2019.

So, it's difficult to say where we'll be, because, for sure, I do have a sketch of our route, but we just gonna see where we get, and let us suprise.

We'll fly to and from San Francisco, so we'd like to go in the south, that beautiful Highway 1 we heard about.

Go till San Diego and start from there going east.

Joshua Tree Nationalpark, Grand Canyon...

maybe going till Utah, to Antelope Canyon (can't get my head around these beautiful colors) and Zion Nationalpark & from there further on to Las Vegas, but it depends on our time schedule,

if not going from Grand Canyon directly to Las Vegas.

After that, thers still Death Valley ans the Yosemite we'd really love to see.

And I've no fucking clue how long we stay at what place, we'll see. Therefore the camper.

So Walmart parking seems to be a thing. I read about it and just wasn't so sure, because it seems kind of unusual for me.

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