A throwaway account, I found this in the R6 website database. New ops placeholder is maestro apparently.

there are a bunch of reasons why this is fake

1.Inspect element- The OP edited Maestros operator page(which you can see in the url in the video) and changed alot of things on it like name,gadget,weapons ect...

due to the fact the operator in the teasers does look a lot like our Italian friend.

2.The operators name- in the video you can see the name of the operator to be called "Tuaquie" but when you try to google search it only comes up with "turquie" and it thinks you are searching for the country turkey instead.

3.Gadget- Easy to fake this as our Moroccan defender is seen carrying some binoculars but it just looks ordinary, nothing special about them as it was the only thing you can see with him plus his sword.

4.The bio- It has some mistakes like in a small section near the end you can see that the dot above Elżbietas name is missing and the operator is 27? looks too old to be that age in my opinion with the greying of his hair and beard.

Also this is what is said about him in the first teaser:

"The first Operator is a Defender and the Commander himself who is as stoic as the mountains are immovable. He is stationed at the country’s legendary kasbah, a training ground that has shocked and awed thousands of incoming soldiers. Strict and imposing, he inspires respect and has taken it upon himself to guide the future of Moroccan Special Forces."

Hearing that he sounds brave and respected but why does the bio make him sound like a coward without his gadget?

5.Bolt action sniper on defence?- Yeaaaaaaaaah why would a 1 armor/3 speed be carrying that seems a bit off. (you would not be able to put an acog on it anyway).

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