Throwback: Kevin Harvick's car catches fire due to foam issue with new CoT (2007)

Why do you keep bootlicking?

NASCAR did intentionally ignore safety because it would cost them money.

My god man how many drivers literally have to say it for you to understand. Harvick said it multiple times over the last week. Hamlin and Logano have alluded to it as well.

Rodney Childers tweet last night pretty much confirms he and likely others have been complaining about certain engineering aspects of the car and NASCAR ignored it.

How about Harvick stating the sim data was not accurate to what was actually felt in the car? NASCAR ignored it.

How about drivers all complaining about the hits? NASCAR ignored it.

How about the stiffness of the car? NASCAR knew about it, changed it once, teams still complained, and NASCAR ignored it.

NASCAR was and still is actively ignoring safety concerns despite full well knowing about it.

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