Throwback to last summer when this two wheel drive F150 got suck on the beach, so the all mighty Jeep had to pull him out as a nasty storm was rolling in.

Yes Jeeps are simple to work on but it doesn’t matter how simple they are if the only aftermarket parts you’re going to put on it are plastic bits and bigger tires lol. Maybe a winch and a light bar too.

Never had death wobble on any of the 6 Jeeps I’ve owned. Death wobble can effect ANY vehicle with a solid front axle. It seems like you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Seems to me you’re a Toyota fanboy who’s come on a Jeep subreddit just to troll because [you’re angry you can’t actually afford one]. Or maybe you’re salty because you always get out wheeled.

Right in the brackets buddy, you used it’s high cost as an argument. If you’re spending a minimum of 50k on a car a decent interior is expected. And it’s not like they can even use the Porsche excuse of pay more for less because of weight reduction, it’s already a pig and an extra 15 pounds in the interior is not gonna change much.My sister has a 2017 wrangler too with everything in it but the leather seats and the interior is not amazing. If it’s an off road vehicle and doesn’t have to be fancy why does it cost as much as a luxury car? For what you get(a car that is completely impractical unless you’re driving up a mountain or through a swamp and is actively annoying to drive at highway speeds and on asphalt) they should be cheaper, and that Mercedes trans you’re talking about is still in a Chrysler and it destroys itself if you’re driving it hard and romping on it like you said you do, you’ll be slipping in 20k miles and replacing it in another 30-40k. And death wobble is more common in your front end because as good as they are off road they’re not durable. If everything was built as well as the engine in that Wrangler i would understand why people love Jeeps, but they’re not. “Now Fuck off”

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