Thumping chests

I mean I should stay to gay sites. I compromised myself by going to shitty clubs and I don't feel like dancing either . I need a blowjob I'll get from a man it's easier than from a woman. That's my shitty life no skills in dating no confidence I thought clubbing was easier and I could get the girl directly home from club like other guys do it. Now , I'm sitting alone, I have a place but it's empty. No women in it. It just sucks balls .

Maybe it isn't the dick, maybe it is the way I behave and act maybe the attitude. Either way, I think of killing myself because it will take my years of getting the skills I need to get women

I think I'll just go to prostitutes and work hard. That's my only way. Family , with my loser self very hard to have. Or either a girlfriend

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