TIFU after getting high with my fianceé

SO sorry you have to go through this!!

But before you say it’s over — what if this is just sabotage?! It’s one of the most common responses to feared rejection or inadequacy.

Doesn’t something seem odd about her story and execution?

Yeah everyone has opinions here, all in your favor, but the best outcome is if you get what you wanted originally, right? So instead of all this, do some fact checking. It can still be over tomorrow or next week if you want. And you can still have your PS5.

What if she’s got a sex addiction problem or borderline personality disorder or she’s polyamorous and/or she feels inadequate and weird (revisit the MOM comment), and she did all this to self-sabotage, to save you, and save herself, bc she thinks she is a loser, and you will reject her eventually.

Getting married is the last checkpoint before total honesty so that period between engagement and wedding can get whacky among many couples. Some people LOSE THEIR MINDS. Sending nudes to a Chad is a call for help. But if you like her enough to throw down on a ring when you could have a PS5, you should trust your original instincts a little longer and figure out what it’s going to take to get what you originally wanted.

Besides, her whole story is fishy. And we still don’t know if SHE LOVES YOU. Seems unlikely that she has 100% horse dick history (too lucky), and if she’s been so unsatisfied with you, wouldn’t you know? She’s not with you bc she’s settling — People who have so much horse dick don’t have any problems getting more horse dick. And if someone sleeps with a bunch of related people and their friends, and other people, it’s not about cheating. It’s what millions of people do until they don’t.

TLDR When a whackadoo loves you?

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