TIFU by breaking up with my boyfriend after finding out he was trans.

Yeah.. there was very much no leading on to that fact.. she just assumed based on “man = penis, woman = vagina” subconsciously, then when it deviated from that she didn’t approach things calmly.. she just broke up upon finding out. I mean how else is one going to take being broken up with on the spot with (most definitely knowing the fact they are teens) zero detail said. It’s not like it was discovered upon being sexual with a person, he told her. Also 3 months, this really shouldn’t be this big of a deal, but they are also teens soooo.

Honestly she did have one fuck up here.. and it is how she seems to have approached the breakup based on how it was stated… the rest of the fuck up goes to the guy for doing what they did, but I also see why the dude did what he did. He told her he was trans, she like insta-broke up with him without explaining reasons, he assumed it was because of transphobia.

The problem is.. being trans is obviously stigmatized. He likely, as most early-trans people worried more too about her reaction. Like when was he supposed to say he was trans? He didn’t wait really, 3 months seems pretty fair especially since he did mention it up himself.. which says he was likely working himself to mention that when he was comfortable and thought she would be safe to come out too. Sure maybe she was, but the insta-breakup without explaining oneself wasn’t the call. The death threats and such then wasn’t the call on his part. It just feels like exactly the situation that wouldn’t happen if they were not teens and people actually communicated.

Also this account they post on was literally just created not all that long ago.. I could see this being a bait post too, a made up one about the “evil trans person causing death threats and called ex a transphobe for simply having a preference!” . Just some things seem off, but that’s because as I have seen older people pretend to be younger people online making up a scenario just to fit their narrative. Who knows, just some alarm bells to that happened with this post for me.

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