TIFU: Feeding potent edibles to my grandma who has cancer

I'm kinda jealous, I keep hearing stories about crazy edibles from friends and family but I've never gotten very high from them. One particular batch comes to mind (that I made with my friends); it was brownies with at least 1/2 oz of bud and 1/4 oz of oil. I've never seen people get so high from half a brownie. My buddy and I decided to split 3 between the both of us (1.5 each). We smoked daily and we helped make the brownies so we weren't worried and super excited, but the brownies didn't really hit us (we smoked like 2 hours after we ate the brownies to actually get high). I've experienced this multiples times, the most I've gotten from an edible is a decent weed buzz.

I've never had a 'good' edible that knocked me out, idk if ive only had shitty edibles or my tolerance was too high at the time I took them. It seems to me, that smoking oil gets you much more high than oil in edibles.

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