TIFU by having a beard on a plane

This is what I said to someone else...

"I dunno, I feel weird claiming this didn't happen without any real first hand knowledge, but my bullshit radar is just screaming at me right now. I honestly believe, especially out of JFK, that if that actually happened it would be the old woman removed from the plane.

Like if a Swedish Professor boarded the plane, brown skinned or not he obviously had identification on him, he had already obviously be screened, like can you try to visualize the series of events that would be occurring? An old lady actually yelling that out, and what, one of the stewardesses comes out, how does she react, she looks at the lady then the man, and what, she freaks out and calls the emergency lines? Having airport security rush on the scene and remove the professor? Was the entire flight held up while they searched the plane for explosives? Not a single other person on the flight stood up against the glaring racism? Like what, everyone on the flight were rednecks, and the professor and his seat mate were the only non hicks? If I was on that flight, as a mid 20s white male, I on my fucking life would have spoken up saying the lady has dementia... On my fucking life. That aside, there would have been at least a few people pissed off at the delay enough to speak up, or who would at least write about this when they got home, like, to newspapers... This would be in the media... The professor would be trying to press charges against the airline, if not for them wasting his time then simple because of the point. To make it public knowledge, to help people be aware of these things, but no, he just comes to Reddit instead?

I just can't believe this story, on more than a few levels it just strikes me as utter fiction, and it really pisses me off that someone would go out of their way to create this type of hatred inciting bullshit."

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