TIFU by trying to approach an older woman at the gym.

A a former young man (middle aged now).... I feel your pain.

The hormones from age 15-25 or so made me not think straight that entire time. I never followed anyone to a car but I asked out a couple of people I had no business asking out really. It was cringe city. I didn't know what I was doing...I just knew there was something inside me driving and my brain wasn't always the navigator. Once I got a bit older my brain started driving a bit more and I look back at that age as a tough time.

Get yourself involved in a group activity rather than trying to meet women in a one off manner. Running club that gets beers after, volleyball league, book club. Anything that might let women get to know you slowly and make you seem less weird or intimidating. I found that worked a lot better.

Learn from this. Mistakes happen. The only sin is making the same mistakes over and over. Good luck out there.

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