Tighnari weapon

you're sacrificing too much. The best team members are Jean/Albedo or Sucrose/Bennett

If youre talking about me personally, I dont I was sacrificing that much.

I had a lot less back then, it was Xiao team and National. I'll be sacrificing a LOT more by National losing Benn.

I think you're taking the Qiqi part too seriously, noticed I dont elaborate on that. That was much earlier in my account, before Jean.

Ning ttds isnt supposed to do dmg, I was hoping you could see that shes there for resonance and ttds. Is it really that strange when even Yanfei/Klee can be used as support. If Im not building a team around her why not use her as support.

And personally I'd sacrifice a lot more to get PJWS. I've tried 3 banners for it.

Between Homa and r5 Lithic, do you think I should personally sacrifce getting a PJWS, since you claim I sacrifice "too much"?

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