TIL In 1833, Britain used 40% of its national budget to buy freedom for all slaves in the Empire.

And with this one statement you try to absolve past generations of their crimes.

No. That is incorrect. I do not absolve ANY past generations of their crimes. I am simply pointing out that it is incredibly foolish to make a sweeping statement like "White people are awful" which I responded to earlier in this post. White people are not awful. White people are amazing and have done amazing things for the planet and its inhabitants.

I do not take away from the fact that at the height of the slave trade, 1.4% of the U.S. owned slaves. Nor do I deny the fact that the U.S. was extremely late to the slave trade and whites were instrumental to ending legal slave ownership as a whole.

It was white people and the dumb asses like you who voted them into power that allowed slavery to happen.

Kiddo, you really need to do you research. I know it's cool to hate on whites and especially the U.S. for it's involvement. I challenge you to look into the trans-Sahara slave trade. How long it went on what went on there. Hint: It didn't pan out well for black males and their genitals. I know it requires research but you really do not know what you are talking about when you put the blame of the slave trade at the feet of whites only. Whites had a marginal involvement. Again, do your research.

And by the way Trump's wall would never work.

I don't know what this has to do with the discussion of the slave trade but it's clear that you are just grasping at straws now. Please, do some research because you just look foolish at this point.

Calling me racist or hurrdurring about Trump wont work here sport.

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