TIL 19 year old Jonty Cockburn spent 6 months travelling the world, visiting some of the world’s most spiritual places only to realise that he is a boring, hypocritical, “cliche c**t”

Cockburn’s expensive round-the-world trip has taken him through countries such as Goa, Mongolia, Peru and Burma but it wasn’t until New Zealand that he found himself.

Cockburn spoke about the realisation and how it overcame him whilst he sat round a drum circle at an organic chickpea farm in New Zealand’s Northern Island.

What triggered Cockburn, was when he realised that he was with another 8 near-identical looking white, hair tied into a bun, poncho-wearing, bucket-hat sporting, fire-poi spinning, terribly tattooed hippies.

What he realised the most was that he has spent most of his life judging others for being “Too mainstream” and “not caring enough about the world.” Cockburn has lost many friends arguing over basic things such as the price of milk and how TV is controlling the population, but now he realises that he can only control his own life and he should mind his own business.

Cockburns Facebook profile lists one of his interests as ‘legalisation, hacky-sack [and]… psytrance’, tells has stated that he intends to cut his dreadlocks off, throw away his propagator and burn his embarrassing collection of tye-dye t-shirts.

“I thought I was an individual snowflake, but then I realised that actually, all snow looks the same to the human eye. “ Cockburn goes on to that “I don’t want to sit around anymore talking about how we’re going to change the world with a revolution, only to then consume an entire bag of Cool Original Doritos, watch re-runs of Blackadder, and then fall asleep.”

“I want to actually do something worthwhile with my life instead,” said Cockburn.

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