TIL in 1965 a 90 year old woman in France sold her home in an arrangement that allowed her to live in it for the rest of her life and receive a 2,500 Franc monthly payment. That women went on to be the oldest person in history and received over double the properties value.

Having lived in Ireland and US, I'd have to say your claims are a bit of a stretch.

My total college tuition 965 euro a year and I got a CS degree. Salaries in Seattle are higher as fewer people have degrees, and those that do have 100k in college debt that they need to pay back.

Private health insurance was much more affordable in Ireland than what it is here. The hospitals/doctors are identical for private/public care, the only difference is where you end up in the queue. If your life is in danger, you'll always be at the front of the queue.

For pension the state will pay you 1600 euro a month. My parents will start the state pension soon, and I have no concerns over their wellbeing.

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