TIL In 2009, Stanford MBA students were given $5 and told the generate as much revenue as possible. Some teams bought lottery tickets or used slot machines but the winning team made $650 by selling its presentation slot to a small local company

I have different definitions of smartness and intelligence. Here they are, Smartness- this is some weird characteristic of people that is very difficult to combine, but I will define it as a combination of analytical thinking skills, communication skills, and most importantly, the open-mindness to realize that your opininion is not always right.
Intelligence- Giving oneself the most options. I think people genetically inherit an amount of "smartness" but are also nurtured a great deal of "smartness" through how they are raised, once a person reaches an extent of competence where they can properly use the internet, then they exist in the age of information, where ignorance is a choice, and they can learn whatever they want.
once they reach the point of mastering the internet as a tool, that is how i define smartness.

But I also am aware I may have a feeling of the "superiority complex" but I have other definitions of smartness. I feel seeking advice from people who have done what you are trying to do is incredibly important, but so few people do this, i feel that people who seek advice are among the top 2% smartest people in the world. A strong example of this is when I listent to the audio book "How to win Friends and Influence People" in front of other people. People critisize me for listening to it because they think it is weird because it talks about important things outside of the "normal consumers mindset" . They think "Why is he listening to how to talk to people, he is a weirdo" and then they go watch tv for 3 hours, go to the mall, buy a meaningless plastic object to temoporarily make them feel ok and then come back and watch tv. And they think I am wasting my time listening to one of the greatest books ever written.

Ultimately I think there are 2 types of people in this world. Those who live the majority of their lives as creators and those who live the majority of their lives as consumers. I feel the creators are smart and the consumers are stupid sheep.

And to qualify myself as "smart" I am an electrical engineering student, who can write programs. You need to be a certain level of smartness to think logically enough to compose a program.

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