TIL a 3000 mile long fiber-optic cable called Project Express was installed between London & New York in 2012. At a cost of $300 Million, the line was designed to shave 5 milliseconds from financial trades between the two cities.

I always thought that the whole point of democracy is to trick people into believing they have a say in what people governing them do. That way there is absolutely no responsibility for the decisions. Are you going to take your arms and kill the president because he is a puppet that makes rich more rich? No, you are convinced he is your president. People voted, right?

You can't do shit about it. Most of society is brainwashed to believe that democracy is the best thing ever. If you stand against it, you will be destroyed so quickly, nobody is even going to notice you. And the worst part is that there is no dictator that will imprison you - just your fellow citizens that suffer from the hidden dictatorship will do it for free. And with a smile on their faces.

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