TIL '4-F' is a classification given to someone indicating they are “not acceptable for service in the Armed Forces” for any number of reasons. It originated in the Civil War and was used to disqualify army recruits who did not have four front teeth with which to tear open gunpowder packages.

Ill? Did you get the Corona? Since some people haven't gotten the clue obviously, lets try communicating with the magic of poetry.

You and me and the CDC,

together we can stop corona-v,

scrub your hands to an uncomfortable degree,

keep it up till they are dry and flaky,

treat the dryness with your favorite lotion,

purity of flesh takes total devotion,

do as I say or you could end up in a casket,

when you are done, put the lotion in the basket.

Next you need to stop touching your face,

spreading germs all over the place,

you need to be more evolved like me,

I broke my arms to make it an impossibility,

if you have to sneeze,

do it in your sleeve,

or use a tissue then get rid of it,

don't put it in your pocket like an idiot.

Don't spread misinformation it isn't funny,

evil people are doing that to make money,

now go and try to be wiser,

stock up now on hand sanitizer,

buy it all, it'll be nice,

then you can sell it at an inflated price!

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