TIL about the Battle of Brisbane: American and Australian forces clashed in the capital city of Queensland in 1942, resulting in one death and multiple injuries. It was never reported in the US, and only barely in Australia

You literally did not. I assume you’re not aware of what that means, emphasis or not.

I'm not sure what you think you're gettng at here.

While I know most Australians are inherently hateful and xenophobic when it comes to Americans, because of the tales you lot tell each other, you seem to be more so than your fellow countrymen. You’re more interested in alluding to the idea that during WWII, Australia was tolerant and Americans introduced racism in your country. This is similar to the Brits who consider themselves tolerant during and after WWII but chemically castrated Alan Turing, someone who had a tremendous amount of influence on turning the war in favor of the allies and was a war hero, for being gay. That link I provided, that policy didn’t end until the mid 1970s.

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