TIL that after 37 years of work and 1,4 billion billion crayons, Emerson Moser, Crayola's senior crayon maker revealed at his retirement party that he was actually colorblind.

Sorry if this is semi off topic but, I’ve always wondered if anyone else has been able to do this so I’m going to give it a shot just because well dreams lol::: When I was younger (pre teens as well as throughout, heavy reader vivid imagination) I used to recognize I was dreaming especially if something scary was happening ex: locked in a basement filling with water and the lights went out. I obviously started freaking out but then I stopped and was like no wait, I’m dreaming I’m not actually in danger there’s nothing to be afraid of, and just kinda swam around, visuals changed a little too it wasn’t pitch black and eventually I found my way out, another I was in the middle of the ocean fell off the boat was drowning, same thing recognized I was dreaming I wasn’t actually drowning and then, just started swimming, actually under the water though, the thought...remember you can actually breathe this is just a dream ran through my head and then I just like swam with the fish and shit lmao. I could also make myself have a dream again and after it started I would recognize where I was, remember what I didn’t like about the last time I was there so I would try something different.

It was some crazy shit. I have since lost the ability to do that, age I guess I’m 27 now. I don’t remember my dreams anymore that’s probably had more to do with it than anything. When I was pregnant I had some intensely vivid and violent dreams(3 years ago)that was the closest I’ve come to have the same control of my dreams or at least remembering and recognizing I was dreaming since. Just curious if anyone else experienced the

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