TIL After hearing that Guinness Book of World Records planned to give him the world record for having filed the highest number of lawsuit, Jonathan Lee Riches (a federal prisoner) did what he does best -- he sued them.

It shouldn't be served at temperatures that can fuse a woman's labia together.

An OLD (or frail) woman, whose SON (the really liable one, if there is any) spilled FRESH (if I go to a restaurant and order hot coffee and then throw it on my frail grandmother, while it still is fresh, you bet there is gonna be damage to the skin, and it definitely is not the restaurants fault) hot coffee on her.

Old womens bodies and fresh hot coffee are ofc. not a pleasant combination. However it principally does not make the restaurant reliable.

The irresponsibility lies with the one who spilled it, not the one who sold it.

in reference to your example. If you can't handle spicy food, don't buy it. No amount of chili in a spicy chicken sandwich is going to suffocate you to death (unless you are allergic, which makes it different). However it certainly could hurt a lot, especially to the weak (I myself eat naga moris (the world's strongest chili), it goes great with my mother's bengal food (unless it's that shitty african version)), however to make it more relatable, let's say you spill the naga moris content of your spicy chicken sandwich onto the eyes of your (hypothetic) 4 year old daughter. The pain could very well be traumatic, and she may permanently hurt her face or eyeballs reacting to the pain. However, it would still not be the restaurants fault principally, even if you didn't know there were naga moris, you knew it was spicy, and it definitely is not the restaurants fault that you spilled it.

Your argument of Irresponsibility does not really work here, where the customer is the one hurting the victim with the product.

Yours would work (but i still principally disagree with it), if the old woman burned her tongue tasting it, or if you tried the sandwich and got a lot of pain from the chili. It is just principally wrong to make the restaurant liable IMO, even if the restaurant was an asshole.

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