TIL After Reagan watched the movie WarGames he asked “Could something like this really happen?” to his chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a week later the general returned and said “Mr. president, the problem is much worse than you think.”


This ban is quite ludicrous if I may say so, because it's based on one comment I made two years ago. Since that time, I have contributed way more to leftist subreddits than to those for which I am banned for posting in. The comment I made in r/conservative criticizes US lack of universal healthcare. If it could be demonstrated that I am in fact a troll or simply not a leftist I suppose the ban would have been fair. That, however, is impossible since neither of those things are true of me, which is clearly visible from my post history. I assume this ban must have been done automatically, since no one in their right mind would even consider banning me from r/LateStageCapitalism based on what I've posted there. That's of course excusable, but only if the error is reversed, which I am urging you to do.

Best, Coglioni

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