TIL: Airline companies have had to redesign seats due to phones being crushed and catching fire in flights after falling down the seat.

1950s. Despite being known as the golden age of travel, flying in the 50s was not cheap. In fact, a round trip flight from Chicago to Phoenix could cost today's equivalent of $1,168 when adjusted for inflation. A one-way flight to Europe could cost more than $3,000 in today's dollars

Today that flight from chicago to phoenix runs about $350-$400 and that is based in flights near christmas when they are generally higher priced.

Also you want foot massages on planes (a thing I dont think existed in the past) you can get them

Air Malta Sky SpaAir Malta debuted in-flight massage treatments this summer for economy passengers. The service is offered on short flights from Malta to and from Gatwick airport, just outside of London, and includes hand, neck, and foot massages along with beauty product samples and the option to listen to soothing music while receiving the treatments. Let’s hope this almost unbelievable offering spreads to more airlines in the coming years

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