TIL American soldiers in the Pacific theater of WW2 always used passwords containing the letter 'L' due to Japanese mispronunciation, a word such as lollapalooza would be used and upon hearing the first two syllables come back as 'rorra' would "open fire without waiting to hear the rest".

I am from the middle East and posted in NY. It was my first time interaction with a first generation Asian. She was at this teriyaki chicken stall in a food court.

My turn came, I walked up and asked for the $6 special. She furiously typed it in the register and asked me, Fie lie O Wie Lei.

I didn't know how to answer that and so I politely asked, pardon? She got a bit agitated and again said Fie lie O Wie lie?!

Now I came under pressure because the line was getting long and I was holding up a very angry and hungry crowd.

The Asian lady standing behind me came beside me, pointed towards a section of the menu on the wall and shouted FIE LIE OR WIE LIE!!

The lady was asking if I wanted Fried Rice or White Rice.

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