TIL: In an average week, nursing facilities in the US administer antipsychotic drugs to over 179,000 people who do not have diagnoses for which the drugs are approved.

I've worked with dementia patients for a while now and trust me the last thing we could possibly do is give someone a psychotropic medication without it first getting approval from their family, the nursing staff and on top of that the Human Rights Comittee and the QA department. I've never once witnessed someone drug a resident at the homes I've worked in so that the staff doesn't have to deal with their behaviors. I'm not saying that it doesn't ever happen, because it most definitely does but that isnt why they get put on the meds. it's more for their mental wellbeing or their safety/other resident safety if they become violent during an episode where they have no idea who they are or who any of you are standing in front of them, and they're scared. it's a terrible disease, the look on their face when they are totally lost and scared is heartbreaking.

I hope this doesn't come off as nasty either, I just don't want people to think that people are dosing mentally disabled people with psych meds so the staff can work in peace. and I am also not supporting the use of SSRIs or anything, because they're horrible, only trying to shed some light on this issue as a whole

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