TIL an IT Director, fed up with sales calls where the caller lied to reach IT staff, said to transfer one such caller 'straight to hell' . This led to the creation of a special extension for such calls where horrible hold music and faked queue messages play on an endless loop to increase hold time.

I don’t know the laws where you live but in my country you have to pay for professional cleaning service. No matter how clean or dirty you leave the place. And if you don’t do so and provide the invoice then the landlord will do so and throw you the bill. It’s only fair considering a professional service will have a standard. Whereas most peoples version of ‘I cleaned the joint varied wildly’ especially for a teen/young male. I don’t want your word you wiped it all down. I want written evidence the carpet was steam cleaned and professionals went over everything. And the RTBA Residential Tenancy Board of your state can withhold the full some of your bond/final months rent until the documentation is provided. But once again... I don’t know if it’s the same where you live. In regards to credit score: where I’m from rent doesn’t affect that. Bills, mortgage, credit cards and loan repayments do. Missing rent just ruins your ability to find future housing because you’ll have bad or no references. If I was a landlord and you had no references from previous dwellings or they said you didn’t pay rent, didn’t pay to clean the property then you’re not living in my house, buddy. That’s how it works here.

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