TIL that an F-117 Nighthawk crashed in Sequoia National Forest in 1986, two years before the plane was publicly announced. The US Air Force established a permitter around the crash site and secretly replaced the wreckage with a wrecked F-101A that had been stored in Area 51 for this purpose.

It's crazy how fast the desert can kill you. This incident at 29 Palms happened just a couple months after I enlisted in the USMC. Poor kid got left behind out in the middle of the desert, and when his bleached bones were finally located four months later it just made the whole thing more tragic because he'd walked blindly with no map or compass for a bit over 17 miles, and died about 3 miles from base camp.

The new Commandant of the USMC at the time was so furious that the rumor going around was that he wanted to shitcan the kid's entire chain of command all the way up to the CG of 2nd Marine Division.


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