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not just marketing.

If anything Markkula was responsible for much of Apple's success via "marketing". He's the only one at Apple who knew his ass from a hole in the ground (business-wise) in the mid-70s.

Jobs' succeeded in spite of himself basically. The Apple II/II+/IIe/IIc was the best offering of a pretty limited field, and Apple profited immensely from that, until IBM swooped in and ate their lunch with the XT and AT.

But Jobs didn't have anything to do with the Apple ][ line. Jobs' main success was pushing teams to deliver The Next Great Thing.

Originally, that was the III. But that sucked and rightfully failed.

Then it was the Lisa. But that sucked and also rightfully failed.

Then it was the Mac. But that sucked and rightfully failed.

. . . the first year . . . until the Apple LaserWriter came out in 1985 and the Mac's critical shortcomings were addressed in 1986 with the Mac Plus, and the Mac mouse GUI / Toolbox / bitmap graphics gelled into an incredibly useful product (compared to the clunky character-based alternatives in x86 land).

Steve deserves full credit for the LaserWriter (HP's similar offering came out a year earlier but was not LANable, couldn't do full-page graphics, and only supported fonts in cartridges -- it was just a glorified LPR).

Steve didn't have anything to do with the Mac Plus or 1987's Mac II, the machine that really put the Mac on the map and made them the best overall workstations of the 1980s.

Steve's next success was the iMac and that showed how he had matured as a product visionary (with a healthy side of genius from Ive). The iMac's success just wasn't "marketing" it was finding the right product the market wanted and/or needed.

Next was the iPod. Tech people thought it was just an inferior Nomad or Creative knock-off, but they didn't understand that (thanks to the 1.8" Toshiba HD) it was the first pocket mp3 player that could hold hundreds and not just a dozen or two songs.

Jobs then got the Music Store integrated with the iPod in 2003, and that ignited Apple's current rise from tech also-ran to Total King of the Mountain.

The first iPhone in 2007 was something more out of Star Trek than something you'd see at a Comdex or Mobile World Congress show.

It wasn't a victory of marketing, it was a victory of product design and development.

iPad, same thing.

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