TIL that Ayn Rand actually hated the libertarians and anarcho-capitalists of her time.

Thanks, that statement needs clarification.

So my thought is based on the premise that Anarchism is anti- establishment, due to the hierarchy and control mechanisms used, which is an infringement on individual rights and freedoms.

Anarcho- capitalism is a long established philosophical ideal that is based individual rights and freedom within a Capitalistic free market ideal that create competitive practices , innovation and that involves the accumulation of wealth based on individual prowess, skills talent, etc..

This necessary creates a hierarchy, where those more successful have more influence than those with less, and are able to leverage this for added growth.

So it seems like an oxymoron to claim to be an individual with unalienable rights, and equality, while engaging in a capitalist society that by its very nature removes those rights from others as individuals:

Anarchism is individual rights, but not at the expense of others rights,

Anacho- capitalism and libertarianism is a political right rugged individualism concept.

anarchy and the initial concept of libertarianism is more of a left leaning socially structured concept, that is more agrarian, anti war, anti- government, local society concept.

It is not a lawless, chaotic fuck all of y’all philosophy like most people believe.

The idea of a society where an individual has the the right to impede on another individual’s rights and freedoms for capitalists gains is not anarchism, it’s self centred asshollery,

And it’s unfortunate that it gets the Anarcho label because it really tarnishes the whole concept of anarchism, people think it’s just chaos and no order,

When really it’s more of a union concept,

Monty python details anarchism collectives pretty well

Anarcho- capitalism is a term with opposing ideals or meanings, and typically has a right of Centre individuality to it.

Where Anarchism is

However, my opinion is that the very essence of anarchism has to be back to the land, property rights etc.

This I’m of itself

You have a boss, he pays your wage, you fuck up he fires you. That system is not consistent with the basic premise of anarchism.

Anarchism also is

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