TIL, Before travelling to Venezuela, the US government suggests establishing a “proof of life” protocol with your loved ones, so that if you are taken hostage, your loved ones know specific questions (and answers) to ask the hostage-takers to be sure that you are alive.

Unless he holds a Chinese passport, good luck on obtaining a visa. Also, it’s a bizarre fact, but statistically NK is one of the most safest places to travel to as long as you don’t break their clearly defined protocols. It’s a curated experience (complete facade in regards to what you’re seeing but every move you make is preplanned and tracked) with handlers who are relentless about monitoring your every move so there is absolute little to no chance you would fall victim to criminal activity (0% chance probably on this metric) or even accidents. Warmbier is an unfortunate anomaly in this sense but he did clearly break protocol and suffered as a public example as a result of his actions.

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