TIL that Billings, MT has the highest rate of depression in the United States (31% of the population).

I went on a road trip from billings to missoula once..me and my friend honked at some girls crossing the street in missoula, they smiled and waved...we were all young kids. After we drove back to billings, we were parked at a light, honked at a few girls. They, all 3, turned and flipped us off and started cursing us out. I turned to my friend and said "yep, we're back in billings."

Somethings about Billings just has a dark cloud around it, the whole rest of the state is so much friendlier. 5 out of 5 of my highschool friends moved to other states and didn't look back. There's really nothing to do here. Anytime there's a decent club it gets shut down in a few months due to stabbings and crime. There's casinos on every corner.

I believe Billings was named 'cranktown USA' by CNN about 20 years ago. It had the highest amount of meth use per population or something like that. Crime is on the rise like crazy here in the last year or so. There's also tons of people moving here which is making rent super high and everything is more crowded. Tons of road rage incidents. There's daily crime now that used to be a once a month or every few months kinda thing. Shootings, robberies, carjackings, roadrage....etc

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