TIL Break-ups are more hurtful for men: In a study of around 5,705 participants from 96 countries, it was found that whilst women experience intense pain immediately after a break-up, they get over it pretty quickly. Whereas men, on the other hand, move on quickly but remain damaged for longer.

Oh god this. Had a weird extended breakup because her phone was fucked and texts weren’t going through. So a solid month of accidentally mutual ghosting.

She ended it because of busyness, and that’s she’s still hung up on an emotionally abusive ex. But would like to give it a try if things change. Kissed me on the lips when she said bye. Because that’s not a mindfuck.

Now we’re trying to be friendly, and I fucking volunteered to help out with a month of theater with her. So that’s being weird, and I don’t know if she’s being distant because she’s busy and stressed, or because she didn’t actually want to be friendly. Getting the distinct impression that a bunch of the other people don’t like me either. Or maybe it’s all in my head.

But I thought she was really special, and that staying involved meant I’d stay on her mind, that I wouldn’t disappear. And maybe she’d have some free time, would talk to a shrink, something.

And now I’m high but not high enough and rambling. Fuck all of this, I don’t even like the play.

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