TIL that butterflies have 4 wings not 2 (found out on an episode of Benidorm during a pub quiz)

Sup brah, Tell me you know nothing about butterflies without telling me you know nothing about butterflies. This is cap. And there are plenty of Instagram and Snapchat stories that prove otherwise. And that's positively pushing P. Restrain yourself right now OP and hear me out, you'll have your chance to clap back and give us your POV. This ain't it chief. This post is straight up cheugy. Nah fam. Your being a bit cringe OP. Big facts I'm spitting here. I get the vibe that your probably a bit salty OP. You have no drip whatsoever. These butterflies done glowed up. I'm giving main character energy right now, pay attention. Why did you switch up OP? You used to be a whole ass mood. And now your just big yikes. I'm going off king. And now your tossing shade all over the butterflies. Then yeeted right out of the post. I'm a delicious snack. Bet. You and this entire post is sus. Skirt skirt. You big messed up son.

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